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Online Slots are a form of entertainment for gamblers who gamble through the internet. Singolovino Casino has a large variety of online slot games for all our members. Online Slot games in Singapore are the only games in the Singolovino casino where you can win a lot of money by wagering only a small sum per spin, because of the “Jackpot”.

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Online Slots in Singapore

In its essence, slots are traditional online casino games that feature a lever, some reels, and several winning combinations. A combo of 3-5 symbols lining up is the simplest form of winning in this game. We are going to take a quick look into how this beloved casino game transformed and generated a following throughout the world.

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Slots Through History

During the 19th century, Sitmann and Pitt, a company based in New York, developed and created the first slot game known to exist. It also came hand in hand with the development of another slot game by Charles Augustus Fey, who is often credited to be the father of slot machines. It was him that developed the use of reels and replacing the traditional cards with symbols only.

With this development towards the usage of technology, we are already seeing what is going to happen with slot machines. With the introduction of video versions of the slot game in the 70s, there is a rise in the usage of screens and computers with the slot game.

Knowing full well the abilities of such machines, and its full range of profit, it also gave rise to the online platform together with the explosion of the internet. Hence, online slots are born.

What are Online Slots in Singapore?

Essentially, these are slot games that can be played online. However, casino slot machines that are stuck within the normal casinos, online slots provided the ability to enjoy the game within the comfort of their own homes. There are many iterations of such online slot games. Let’s break it down first to the most common types.

3-Reel Slots – This type of slot game is at times the simplest of all machines. With one pay line, the goal is simple, match up the symbols within that pay line in the machine. With only having three reels, it is fairly easy to do!

4-Reel Slots – An elevated version of the 3 reels, it features more pay lines as well as improved mechanics.3

5-Reel Slots – Essentially functions the same as the previous models but with a much more complex pay structure, reels, and lines.

7-Reel Slots – Rarely found in online casinos, it features 7 reels to combine and win. Now, this type of slot offers different methods for getting a win, which we will break down later on.

Online Slot Games in Singapore

Now that we have the breakdown of what normal slot games. There are also new-types – these slot games come in a new variety of play structures as well as getting all bonuses.

1. RPG slots – one of the newer iterations of slot games, it has a new style of gameplay where you, the player, are going to control the character. Also, the aim is to defeat such characters, gaining items. Therefore, the items found in the game represent the winnings in every spin!

2. Mini-game slots – Well, these types of slot games are inspired by short games, where the aim is to combine different symbols. But the structure is that it falls into another pile of symbols. This resulting in bigger wins at moments, and also the level of engagement is high with these versions of slot games.

Common Things We Can Find in Slot Games in Singapore?

Some elements still exist in slot games. These are special symbols that would help players to further their slots journey and helps them gain more winnings.

Free Spins – This feature is essential in most slot games. Some targets need to be hit to get this out of the slot game.

Wilds – Special symbols that enable players to connect symbols out of reach as they stand in as replacements for the same symbol.

Scatters – Most of the time, this element serves as the pre-requisite to the free spin mode of a slot game. You need to get at least 3 or more of these to trigger the free spin or mini-game within slot games.

How to Win in Slot Games?

As all casino games are games that base on the odds, here are some tips we think you can use to maximize your winnings in a slot game.

Focus on one game – As there are many games available, focus only on one game that you truly understand. You have to remember that a slot game is a game of patience. Do not rush it in!

Check for progressive versions – Some slot games provide progressive versions, or mostly we know as progressive slots, which provide millions on winnings! So be sure to have an eye on these!

Bet Low, Bet Consistent – Consistency is key, and resilience is needed in every slot game. Do not give up! You will surely have that big win!